Flying High with the Blue Angels

What a trip! Your Camping coordinator/webmaster was so caught up in the show, that I don’t have too many photos to post. I hope someone else on the trip got pictures of the troop.

Even if I don’t have pictures, I can tell you that we had a great time. It was a special performance for the Pensacola NAS Centennial. The performances were amazing, from old time wing walkers (really climbing out on the wing of a flying plane) to a jet powered glider, to a helicopter with a yoyo. We saw some amazing sites. The big performances from Team Aerodynamics and The Blue Angels took our breath away.


Another big highlight was seeing so many scouts from around the area. I met and saw scouts from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and other Florida troops. It was great to see so many scouts.

We had a couple unplanned adventures with the bus and finding dinner, but we came through with flying colors and no one had to wash dishes. Everyone had a great time and we saw so many amazing things. Our next camping trip will be for Winter Camp at Wallwood. Sign up here to let us know if you planning to attend with the troop.