Canoe trip

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Please note, leaders and adults are always needed to assist with our trips. We encourage everyone to take an active part in assisting our troop for this weekend event. This form will become inactive at the registration deadline, so all scouts and adults need to be registered before the deadline. Parents and Adult Leaders must have completed Youth Protection certification.

Please indicate if you are camping with the troop for the entire event or some portion of it.
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What kind of transportation will you use, getting to and from Tallahassee and our destination for this camping trip. (If YOU are transporting scouts, you must provide information about your vehicle at the end of this form.)
Yes, I agree to abide by the Troop 115 Discipline Policy and understand the consequences as detailed in the policy . I agree to abide by this discipline policy during this trip and all scout events, meetings, and activities. Parents- I agree to ensure my scout understands this troop discipline policy and agrees to abide by it.
ADULTS ONLY: I am approved and will assist the troop by performing the following function in my support of this camping trip.
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Have you either completed yours BSA Youth Protection Certificate within the last two (2) years or will complete and bring your certificate to Merry Ann Johnson or Crill Merryday A FULL WEEK BEFORE the camping trip.
Scouts and Leaders must have verified current medical forms on file or they will not be allowed to participate in this event.
Please provide any additional information about the scout or adult attending this camping trip that we may need. (i.e. medical conditions or medications)
I grant permission to Troop 115 to use my image or the image of my minor child (scout) for the troop website or other materials for promotion or instructional purposes or other uses consistent with the goals and ideals of Troop 115, including, but not limited to photographs or video of Troop activity.