Providence Canyon 2015

Yes, it was cold, but it was also beautiful. The scenery was great. The food is reported to almost be better. The company couldn’t be beat. A big thanks to Mr Peacock for suggesting Florence Marina for the camping site. We all appreciated the indoor plumbing with heat.

We have a few photos to share. If you have any of your own, please let us know.

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Flying High with the Blue Angels

What a trip! Your Camping coordinator/webmaster was so caught up in the show, that I don’t have too many photos to post. I hope someone else on the trip got pictures of the troop.

Even if I don’t have pictures, I can tell you that we had a great time. It was a special performance for the Pensacola NAS Centennial. The performances were amazing, from old time wing walkers (really climbing out on the wing of a flying plane) to a jet powered glider, to a helicopter with a yoyo. We saw some amazing sites. The big performances from Team Aerodynamics and The Blue Angels took our breath away.


Another big highlight was seeing so many scouts from around the area. I met and saw scouts from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and other Florida troops. It was great to see so many scouts.

We had a couple unplanned adventures with the bus and finding dinner, but we came through with flying colors and no one had to wash dishes. Everyone had a great time and we saw so many amazing things. Our next camping trip will be for Winter Camp at Wallwood. Sign up here to let us know if you planning to attend with the troop.

A great time at River Junction

We had a great time at River Junction. The site was relatively flat and close to the lake. We had water at the campsite and restrooms with showers were a short walk away. It was a great opportunity for our Pack 115 Cub Scouts to meet and participate with the troop. As usual, the food was a great highlight and we won’t forget the burritos, cobbler and other desserts we enjoyed by the fire.

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Camping Schedule for 2014 – 2015

Providence Canyon

Troop 115 Scouts and Leaders hiking in Providence Canyon

The greatest minds of Troop 115 came together in the early evening of Monday, August 25 and put together an exciting camping schedule that should meet everyone’s needs for escaping everyday life and advancing rank and skills as a scout. I’m hoping to see everyone this year in their Class A Uniforms as we leave on a series of adventures.

Without further delay, here’s  the schedule:

  • Sept 26-28  River Junction
  • Oct 10-12 River Landing – Pow Wow
  • Nov 7-9 Pensacola NAS – Blue Angels
  • Dec 27-30 Wallwood Winter camp
  • Jan 16-18 Providence Canyon – late return on Sunday
  • Feb 20-22 Paradise
  • Mar 6-8 Council Camporee TBD
  • Apr 10-12 White Springs
  • May 15-17 St. Andrews & Deep Sea Fishing
Unless otherwise stated, departure is from the Scout House on Fridays at 5:30 pm. We return on Sunday usually around midday. Always register in advance on this website.

Exciting camping ahead

Tallahassee Troop 115

Tallahassee Troop 115

Troop 115, watch this space for a great year of camping. We are starting with starting with River Junction on Lake Seminole for Sept 26-28. Other activities will include an air show, Wallwood Winter Camp, Providence Canyon, Paradise Lost, the SRAC Camporee, White Springs and our traditional deep sea fishing trip at the end of the school year.

There will be other activities, opportunities and celebrations in the year to come. We are all looking forward to a great year ahead.

The sign-up form will be posted to the website shortly.